About our department:

We are the Broadcast team of True Worshippers Assembly also known as TRUE  News is responsible for quality of sound and production of concepts derived from live recordings in Church. We provide information to a wide audience covering different church programmes, events and activities taking place within and outside the church and in our community.  This information is distributed through video recording which is available online

What we do:

We research, collate and present news and current affairs taking place in the church and outside the church. We record church announcements, conduct interviews (of the public, guest ministers, and TWA congregation), record voice overs for advertisements and cover special church events.


What our aims are:

We aim to present information in a balanced, accurate, informative and engaging way that keeps viewers informed.

What we stand for

We stand for passion, commitment and exuberance.


How we support the church:

We support the church by ensuring that relevant moments are captured live.  We gather these moments and ensure that they are archived for our church records. We also keep a library of events that we have covered which means that we are able to reproduce these memories as and when required or called for.

Broadcasting Department

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