What to Expect?



It is my first time here!

 Are you new here? You are in the right place. Welcome to RCCG True Worshippers’ Assembly, you are a Very Important Personnel to us and a seat has been reserved for you.  Feel free to worship with us as you are, regardless of your race, colour, background or age.   

We believe it will be a time of refreshing for you.

What is the worship like?

We are a happy clappy church.  Our Praise and Worship takes different rhythms and styles with inspirational lyrics.   We sing contemporary songs during our Praise Worship and multidimensional songs including Hymns during the course of our services.

Do you need help getting to church? 

Please call any of these numbers or text your Post Code follow by “TRANSPORT” and  your name to any of these numbers.

07594684824, 07544903248,  07400218541

Where do I park?

There is a free parking space for you when you come, so you do not need to worry about where to park.

Where do I go?

 RCCG TWA is located  at 71A BSS HOUSE, Cheney Manor, Swindon. SN2 2PJ, once you come in to the main reception a member of our Ushering team or a staff member in the complex will direct you to the first floor where we hold our services. 

 I do not know any one?

At RCCG TWA, we interact with people with the Love of Christ.  Our follow up team are happy to support you in every way.  Feel  free when you come, there is no stranger in the presence of God.

How about my children? 

We have children department where your children can play and  study the word of God in the church.  We also have different toys and organise events that can benefit your children positively.

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